Current Availability (last updated June 13, 2019)

I will be on sabbatical from June 13 2019. I will next have openings for consultations and second opinions in October of 2019 after I return


1. First please review the services I provide (links following) and my current availability (above). TREATMENT;   SECOND OPINIONS FOR PATIENTS & FAMILIESCONSULTATIONS FOR CLINICIANS & CLINICAL TEAMS


2. If, after reviewing the information, you decide to contact me the next step is to call to set up a free fifteen-minute phone appointment. Leave a confidential message at (650) 521-0028 with the following information.

a.     Your name and call back number
b.   The service you are seeking (Treatment, Second Opinion for Patient or Family, Consultation for Clinician or Team)
c.    For Treatment or Second Opinion calls:  the name & age of the patient, where relevant your relationship to them
d.    A very brief description of the problem
e.    Times in the next week when you know you will NOT be available for a 15 minute preliminary call


3.  I will aim to call back by the end of the next working day. If I miss you I will leave a possible time for a 15 minute call within the next 2-5 days.


4. For more information about steps after the initial call look here under the appropriate service: TREATMENT;   SECOND OPINIONS FOR PATIENTS & FAMILIESCONSULTATIONS FOR CLINICIANS

Payment & Insurance

Payment is requested at the time service is delivered. I am not contracted with any insurance companies. Depending on your insurance plan you may be able to seek partial reimbursement for payments made. I will provide a statement at each visit with the necessary information for submission to your insurance company.