Case or System Consultations for Clinicians and Clinical Teams

See below for the following FAQS

For whom do you offer consultations?

What does a consultation entail?

When is a case consultation likely to be of use?

When is a system consultation likely to be of use?

How do we schedule a consultation?

For whom?  A single clinician or a clinical team working with children, adolescents or young adults in Medical, Primary Care or Mental Health settings.
What do consultations entail? A 1-2 hour meeting or a series of meetings during which the clinical management and/or system questions are presented and discussed.
  • Case Consultations focus on the clinical management or the impact on the clinician/team of a specific case, a specific clinical event or situation.
  • System Consultations are appropriate for teams or solo practitioners wanting to enhance the ability of their practice to manage certain conditions or situations.

When is a Case Consultation likely to be of use? Examples include:

  • A case with challenging diagnostic, treatment or management questions
  • The impact on treating clinicians of a current or past case
  • Conflicting clinical opinions within a treatment team

Will the case consultation include contact with the patient or the patient’s family? No. The consultation is intended to support licensed clinicians in their independent work.

For information on Second Opinions look here.

When is a System Consultation likely to be of use? When a practice or solo practitioner wants to:

  • Design internal structures and procedures for screening, evaluation, referral; for connecting patients and families with resources; for collaboration with other systems; for management of emergencies
  • Enhance skills to manage specified mental health conditions or situations
  • Address recurring challenges posed for the practice by particular types of mental health symptoms, cases or situations.
Will the consultant design systems for the practice? No. The consultation is intended to support the clinician or team in thinking through design and process questions.

How do we schedule a consultation? First, call to arrange preliminary phone discussion. You and I can decide together whether a consultation might be of help. The next step is a one to two hour preliminary consultation, to further discuss your questions, which may lead to further meetings or may be sufficient in itself.