I regret that I have no current openings for ongoing treatment. I am often asked whether I keep a waiting list. I do not because I have found that I cannot be sure whether and when openings will occur.  My practice remains open for Second Opinions


Psychotherapy, family consultation, selective use of medication when indicated

Treatment begins with a thorough evaluation during which you and I work together to define the problem that led you to seek help and then to put it the context of your life. This involves thinking carefully about current life realities, life story, personality, strengths , coping style and assessing for the presence of any psychiatric or emotional diagnosis. Sometimes this thinking is all that is needed; more often it leads to an intervention plan, which typically involves some combination of the following:

  • A course of psychotherapy
  • Support and self-help groups or resources in the community or online
  • Further evaluation for medical questions or for learning/neuropsychological questions
  • Work to make changes in school program or introduce specialized educational interventions
  • Family consultation
  • Medication targeting mood, emotions, behavior